The Tutors


Alan Adams


Alan retired in 2008 to pursue a lifelong interest in understanding the structure of Islamic geometric art, particularly the stunning executions in wood of the Mamluks. A grounding in technical drawing from years as a draftsman, before the introduction of CAD, and a career as a scientist served as a foundation for a self-taught path. The ideal end of Alan’s journey would be to master the Mamluk art of wooden panel construction in intricate pattern and to describe it in an English language publication.


Rajen Astho

Rajen’s two strongest passions are music and Islamic geometry. His first contact with the art of Islamic geometric pattern happened when he accidentally came across a postcard with the view of a historical monument in Bukhara. That moment revealed to him a strong and deep connection with this artform. His exploration was occasional for the first few years and then turned into systematic research. His interest is mostly concentrated with the "eastern" (Persian and Central Asian) tradition of the artform.


Samira Mian


Samira is a budding artist and experienced educator with a passion for Islamic Geometry. By tapping into twelve years of secondary school teaching experience, she has been able to share her passion for compass and straightedge constructions of Islamic geometric patterns in the UK, abroad and online since September 2015. Samira finds this an immensely satisfying pursuit, from analysing and constructing the patterns, to painting them in watercolours and gouache and of course, teaching others and bringing the art form to a wider audience.


Ameet Hindocha


Ameet is a geometer, artist and designer with a long-standing interest in mathematics, nature and pattern and their expression in the visual arts. In recent years this has manifested itself in ongoing research and application of geometric principles to a wide variety of media and processes, with a focus on Islamic geometric design. Drawing is at the core of his creative practice and he fluidly incorporates hand and digital drawing techniques to facilitate deeper understanding and exploration of geometry as a visual language.


Daud Sutton


Fascinated since childhood with pattern, art and mathematics, Daud found his vocation studying with Keith Critchlow and Paul Marchant at the VITA department of the Prince’s School of Architecture. Since then, he has worked for more than two decades with the ornamental arts of Islam and continues to find deep daily inspiration from these arts.